Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Follow-up

In follow up to Wednesday's posting, about the letter warning Southern California Latinos not vote... The letter was sent out by the campaign of Republican candidates Tan Nguyen and arrests will be forthcoming.

Nguyen has fired the staff person responsible, and claims not to have known the content of the letter, despite having called the mailing house to expedite it's delivery. 14,000 of the letters went out, in all.

Also, this week I've been asking readers to respond to a short (9 question) survey. Your answers will help me improve this blog. Click here to submit your input.

Yesterday I mentioned that over 4,000 people had watched my Is the President Always Right? video on YouTube. In the last 24 hours, that number has nearly doubled. This blog, on the other hand, averages about 75 visitors each day, meaning that the 24 hour increase in video views is equal to three-and-a-half months of blog visitors. For those who are keeping score.

Finally, for the truly entertainment starved, order your Burger King Halloween masks today, go trick-or-treating at McDonald's.

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1 comment:

  1. hi ken,
    after reading your post about the nguyen letter i read the letter online at have you actually read the letter? it also states the following:
    "the state has developed a tracking system that will allow the names of Latino voters to be handed over to anti-immigrant groups"
    that statement alone is worthy of jail time!
    funny thing is -nguyen himself is an immigrant from vietnam.(of course legal)
    i'd like to know if he plans on sending out 14,000 apology letters to all the latinos for being an ass- paid for personally out of his own pocket. ;-)
    wow! your video is favorited 44 times-not bad.
    warmest regards, absinthedrunk
    p.s. bourbondrunk-lol smartass.

    (actually, i don't drink-it's a silly story. i think i'll change it when i start making videos.)


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