Monday, November 06, 2006

Carnival of the Decline of Democracy - Round 12

Welcome to Round Twelve of the Carnival of the Decline of Democracy - Blogging 'till the secret police take us away.

Carnival of the Decline of DemocracyThe Business Travel Hillbilly starts us off with A Prayer for Owen Meany & The Draft, where he uses one of my favorite books to make an excellent point about why Bush/Cheney can't afford a draft.

Bill Losapio presents Will He Appoint His Favorite Cow to Pro Tempore?. The Bush-Caligula comparison is certainly new, and actually makes some sense as Bill presents it.

John Buehler of Rebuilding Eden presents So, You Want a Better Government. "You want a better Government? Build it yourself!" I like that idea.

John of the Largest Minority presents The WASP Nests: How the Biggest Terrorist Caches Ever Found Were Buried. The WMDs we found were not being held by Islamic terrorists. Homegrown terrorism and the great cover-up.

mw of Divided We Stand presents Fifty - Fifty ... as divided as it gets. At least one person is anxiously hoping tomorrow's outcome leads to a draw.

John of Hell's Handmaiden presents Bush Fights to Limits Rights. Remember, "Our rights are not derived from the Constitution but the Constitution from them... That is, whatever is not specifically limited by the Constitution is protected by it."

In the humor department, Avant News presents Prez Pardons - Your one-stop shop for George W. Bush Presidential Pardons. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be motivated to get out and vote Tuesday morning.

And, on your way to the polls, you can sing this little song by Madeleine Begun Kane: The "He Misled?" Song Parody (Sing to the Mr. Ed theme song).

As always, thank you to all who submitted excellent posts. There's simply no way I could include them all and still make this something you'd want to read. Editing is tough, but hopefully what's left here is well worth your reading.

Thank you for joining us on our bi-weekly look at the decline of democracy (and occasionally hopeful responses to it). The next edition of the Carnival will be posted on Monday, November 20th, with entries requested by Saturday, November 18th, at midnight. This will be the Post-Election edition, so keep that in mind when submitting!

Submit your blog post for the Post-Election edition of the carnival of the decline of democracy using our carnival submission form. More information on future carnivals can be found on our carnival home page.

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  1. Great job! Thanks so much for including me!
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