Friday, November 10, 2006

Entering the danger zone...

Why the rush to announce Donald Rumsfeld's successor so quickly after the elections? Because the only way to get Robert Gates confirmed as the new Secretary of Defense is to push his through nomination through the lame duck Republican Congress.

They've re-introduced Gates as a warm, cuddly guy who is careful and thoughtful and a buddy to all. But that veneer might not stand up to a confirmation hearing in the new Democratic Congress heading our way in January.

As Mother Jones' MoJoBlog reminds us:
Gates escaped indictment in Iran-Contra amidst indications he was lying to cover up his own role in the affair. The independent counsel who investigated the scandal, Lawrence Walsh, says in his own memoir he did not believe Gates' professed innocence. There is the suggestion of perjury in his testimony, which was replete with numerous lapses of memory and profuse apologies for not having more carefully considered the policy implications of this secret, unconstitutional war.
Beyond Gates, who knows what else the unaccountable, outward bound Congress will try to slip through in the next month or so before they recess for the holidays?

Do not think that just because the election is over we can take a break from the role of Constitutional watchdog. This Congress has shown itself to be a danger to liberty, and now they've got nobody to answer to. The time for vigilance is now.

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