Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mission Accomplished?

Yesterday, Americans voted for a new House of Representatives, and - possibly (recounts to come) - Senate. The biggest loser, however, wasn't even on the ballot. No, I'm not talking about the President, I'm talking about Defense Secretary Donnie Rumsfeld.

Yes, it's official, Bush has announced that Rummy will soon be replaced by former CIA director Robert Robo-Cop Gates. He claims to have made the decision before the election - even while proclaiming as late as last week that Rummy would be around as long as Bush were around.

Wait... Does that mean Bush is resigning too? No. Too much to wish for.

But, at least the message of yesterday's election was not lost on the White House. For this President to accomplish anything over his final two years in office he's going to have to work with a Democratic House (and an evenly split Senate).

This is a great sign, and a hopeful step toward getting us out of Iraq. Let's hope the cooperation and good choices continue.

Another huge loser yesterday who was on the ballot: Phil Angelides, Democratic candidate for Governor in California.

He must feel like the biggest idiot in America today. Yesterday, while Democrats were replacing Republican Congressmen and Governors across the country, and the word "incumbent" was treated as if it were poison, Phil managed to lose in a landslide to the sitting Republican Governor of California, Ahhnold Schwartzenegger.

What a jerk.

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