Monday, February 05, 2007

Carnival of the Decline of Democracy - Edition 2.3

Welcome to the Carnival of the Decline of Democracy, Edition 2.3 - Blogging 'till the secret police take us away.

Carnival of the Decline of DemocracyThere were truly too many good posts submitted this week, so with no further introduction, here we go:

John presents Blogs for Democracy? posted at hell's handmaiden.

Bill Losapio presents In What Dystopian Farce Did We Awake? posted at

Rey Thomas presents The Congressional Black Caucus Should Lead By Example posted at The Thomas Political Report.

Steve Faber presents Could Congress Shut Down Your Blog? posted at Get Debt Free.

Gavin R. Putland presents Nailing down the State Secrets Privilege posted at Bush Lawyer.

Charles H. Green presents Trust, Democracy, and Capitalism posted at Trust Matters.

Avant News presents 110th Congress Passes No President Left Behind Act posted at Avant News.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Ode to the Great Molly Ivins posted at Mad Kane's Political Madness.

The next edition of the Carnival will be posted on Monday, February 19th, 2007 with entries requested by Saturday, February 17th, at midnight. Submit your blog post for the next edition of the carnival of the decline of democracy using our carnival submission form. More information on future carnivals can be found on our carnival home page.

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