Friday, March 02, 2007

Yes, I'm evil - And a new Carnival!

I'm a horrible blogger. There, I'm sorry. February was a busy, crazy month, starting with a funeral, ending with major new work assignments, and stuffed with many other distractions in between. I promise to be better in March.

Over on my Highway 17 Music blog, I've just posted the second edition of the Carnival of the Blogging Guitarists. Readers of this blog are familiar with my Carnival of the Decline of Democracy, so just picture the same concept, but non-political, and with six steel strings.

To ease you on over there, here's a cross-over post: William Losapio on Anyone Attempting to Persuade Using Limbaugh Logic Will Be Removed From the Premises! Yes, there is a guitar connection there, you'll have to read his post to find out what it is.

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