Friday, February 23, 2007

YouTuBeIn - The Viral Video Gathering

Last Saturday, February 17, 2007, several hundred members of the YouTube vloggerhood gathered at Pier 39 in San Francisco to meet each other, have some fun, get free stuff, and shoot some video.

During the course of the day I bribed a politician, made up with Renetto (another user who I'd previously called "Satan"), and even got a chance to ask YouTube founder Chad Hurley what he thinks of the competition from really!

This video is my record of the event. Ever wonder what type of people are on YouTube, besides myself? Are they all computer nerds who don't know how to interact with real people or can they hold their own in a mixer situation? How far do people come to attend an event like this? Watch the video and find out...

Many thanks to angelgallardo1, spricket24, pzottolo, groovytimes, latexglovefilms, renetto, uslawyer, johnnycreepy, bryanbarton, zennie62, jesse1701, thehill88, onboardvideo, mysteryguitarman, and, of course, to Mr. Safety (smpfilms) for organizing the whole event. Also introducing Leslie S (Mrs. Kenrg).

"On YouTube" song by PeriUrban

YouTuBeIn title logo by 30andout

NOTE: Yes, I know about the lens flare. I shot this on a digital still camera that does not give me much control over the video settings and it pretty much sucks in direct light. Sorry about the image quality.

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