Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Now we've got to get cable television. Well, we have a television, but it's largely useless as we don't have cable, and without cable we can't even get in the major networks. Nothing, nada, zip, without cable. So we watch videos.

A friend just loaned us a tape of the first five episodes of Six Feet Under. Either we've been TV-deprived for too long, or this is one of the best shows ever. Leslie and I each loved it, and are addicted. We made sure the friend realizes that he's now responsible for taping this for us every week.

If you have access to HBO, either in your own house, through a friend, or by checking into the local Holiday Inn, do yourself a favor and watch Six Feet Under. You can thank me later.

I've also been keeping busy the last day-and-a-half getting into the new John Irving book, The Fourth Hand. I'm at page 90, and loving it so far. More on this later...

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