Thursday, July 19, 2001

Three hours after Kenneth Fitzhugh said he discovered his wife's body, he told police it was her black shoes that killed her.

"I saw the black shoe -- the goddamn black shoes," Fitzhugh shouted, pounding both fists on a table in a taped interview with Palo Alto police.

No - the above is not from a new short story I'm working on - It's from the Mercury News. Who needs to write fiction when the real world provides shit like this?

Here's the full story: Part One: The Black Shoes - Part Two: The Bloody Nikes.

In other news, in other places... The race for Mayor of New York is heating up as more candidates enter the field. Two of the latest are former subway vigilante, turned promoter of vegetarianism, Bernie Goetz, and former stand-up comedian, inspiration for "Cosmo Kramer" of Seinfeld fame, turned professional huckster and cash-in artist, Kenny Kramer.

It's hard to tell which is more frightening, the guy who nearly two decades later still stirs up the worst of New York's racial fears, or the guy who's proud to have been the model for a sit-com character.

Quote of the day: "Now that China is hosting the 2008 Olympics, the nominations for mascot are rolling in. How about 'Blim Blim: the Re-educated Panda?'" - Will Durst.

You all have a great weekend - I probably won't be near a computer for the next few days to post anything new, and if the above is any indication of the direction the world is going in, I may be better off with a little isolation.

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