Monday, April 08, 2002

Waking up, drifting back to sleep, then the alarm going off again, in an endless loop. Only each time the alarm goes off it's a different clock, in a different place, and I'm drifting off to sleep in different locations: the bed, my desk chair, standing by the window, driving the car.

As I'm falling back asleep each time, trying to stay awake, I'm thinking to myself how dangerous it is that I'm so tired, since I've got to drive to San Francisco this morning. Then, when I do manage to get up, there's weird goings-on outside the window. Ambulances and stretchers with people laying in them scattered around a large parking lot. Off in the corner there are construction workers burning their materials in a dumpster and hastily packing up their truck. Then my eyes get heavy, and I feel that I'm drifting off to sleep again, only for the alarm to wake me again as soon as my eyes are closed.

That was basically my last hour to an hour-and-a-half of "sleep" last night. I was so tired when the alarm finally did go off for real, that I hit the snooze button. Twice. Each time I did fall back into that restless sleep. When it went off the third time (at least, I think it was the third time), I couldn't bear to repeat the cycle again and finally got up. So far, I think I'm really awake, and I'm willing take a stab at starting my day.

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