Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Well, it's official: There's nothing good left to read. At least, that's the word from Oprah, who has discontinued her book club. Yep, it got too difficult to find even one book worth reading each month.

This is really a shame. As much as many of us made fun of Oprah and her book club, it really did introduce reading and literature to a lot of people who hadn't cracked open a book since High School. The loss of this platform is bound to hurt book sales over-all, not just for the Oprah selections.

We can only hope that the people who Oprah got into the habit of reading will continue to pursue new authors on their own, or find local book clubs that would be just as (and probably more) rewarding than watching one on TV.

I'm just disappointed that now I'll never have a chance to get on with "O" myself...

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