Thursday, August 22, 2002

"Queen of the Nudies," sexploitation director Doris Wishman, died on August 10 of complications from lymphoma. Back in 1988 I had the pleasure of meeting Doris at a screening of two of her films: Nude on the Moon and Deadly Weapons.

Doris was great, making no bones about the fact that she was in the sexploitation business. When people asked her serious questions about her artistic vision, she replied with quips like, "Tits sell."

I wrote an article about Doris and one of her stars, Chesty Morgan with the 73-inch bust, a few years ago. That article is posted on my site, and is responsible for more emails than any other piece I've written. Doris' cult status gets this web site more hits than Elvis Presley.

Doris was a show-biz original: part Lina Wertmuler and part Russ Meyers. She'll be missed, but could never be replaced.

* Chesty & the Female Nudie Director - on my website, written several years ago

* Doris Wishman; Exploitation Film Director, Cult Favorite - on the LA Times Obituaries (registration required)

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