Monday, August 12, 2002

There's nothing like a long weekend away to relax you and make you glad you're alive. Then, of course, there's nothing like an alarm clock on Monday morning telling you it's time to go back to work to spoil it all.

We spent the last three days up in Mendocino, where we thought we'd escape this last great heat wave of summer. No chance; even up on the rocky north coast we were sweating in just a t-shirt. Even so, the fresh air coming off the ocean, the wide open space, the mountains, just everything, made it a great time off, and reminded me of why Mendocino is one of my favorite places.

I've got to leave for work in about ten minutes, but Leslie's still got another week before she returns to school to get her classroom ready for the tots. She'll be busy this week, though, getting things together, planning and bracing herself for another year of teaching.

Many more exciting things in the works, back there hiding in my brain somewhere. A nonfiction project I think I want to work on (actually, a film/travelogue book), and some ideas for some artwork I can't get out of my head. More details as they hatch into something solid to show you...

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