Sunday, October 20, 2002

Here's a newsletter I just sent out to visitors of my "13th Story" web site - If you haven't visited the site before, this will serve as an introduction:

Dear Reader and Supporter of The 13th Story,

The latest feature added to The 13th Story web site is an independent fiction marketplace. We already have book listings in many categories, including: Mystery, Science Fiction, Historical, Short Stories, and, of course, Mainstream/Literary.

These are titles you may not find out about in any other forum, by some of the newest and most exciting authors working today. You can start your search for your next book at

You'll also still find the "Short Fiction Randomizer" - Each click on the randomizer brings you to a different short story written by one of our excellent authors.

Please stop by the site and take a look at what we're doing today. As always, the site is transforming, with new features on the way.

Thanks for your support, and keep on reading!

Ken Goldstein
Editor, The 13th Story - "Fiction for fiction's sake"

So, that gives you an idea of one of the things I've been working on lately, on the days that I'm not posting here.

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