Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Governor Jesse Ventura has named his key adviser Dean Barkley as interim senator Monday, leaving the U.S. Senate split 49-49 with two independents. This goes against his previous statement that he'd replace Senator Wellstone (a Democrat) with another Democrat.

Why did he change his mind? Could it be because the two major parties f***ed up again? In making his announcement, Ventura indicated he was angry that the Independence Party's Senate candidate, Jim Moore, was excluded from Monday's Senatorial candidate debate. You would think that, at least in Minnesota, they'd learned their lesson by now.

In Ventura's statement, he said, "Today, three very powerful institutions, the Republican Party, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor-Party, and the Minnesota media are conspiring to limit the hard-earned rights of ordinary citizens."

Of course, members of those three groups immediately pounced on Ventura for being paranoid, mean-spirited, and a spoil-sport, but I have to agree with him, and honor his choice for the interim Senator.

Today, of course, is election day, and I want you all to go out and vote, no matter how nauseous it makes you. In fact, I think a little up-chuck on the ballot would make just the right statement.

This has been one of the most difficult elections ever for me to get excited about. I didn't even finish reading all the voter's guides and marking up my sample ballot until about 9:30 PM last night. But vote, I will. And then I'll drink.

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