Monday, November 25, 2002

I realize I didn't manage to post here very much last week, and I apologize for neglecting you, dear reader. It's getting to be that busy time of year, with many demands on what feels like a shrinking supply of time.

Each day I've gone to work thinking, this will be likely be a slow day, and I'll be able to catch-up on a a few things, and each day I've been swamped with more than can be done in eight hours or so. And, of course, this week, I'll only have three days in which to do the over 40 hours worth of work.

We did manage to get out and do a few fun things over the weekend. Saturday we went to the auto show. You may recall my review from last year's auto show. At that time I probably said that we were thinking of replacing Leslie's car. Not much has changed since then. We're still thinking about it. Meanwhile, the car has lasted another year, and will probably survive another if we continue to stall (no pun intended).

As far as big purchases go, the car may be delayed if we get any more serious about buying a house. We saw another over the weekend, and it actually has some promise. At least, more so than the haunted one with the mummified gopher in the basement that we saw last week. It's still a big scary decision, however. And expensive. Better we should stay put and get a new car.

Movies: We saw "Punch Drunk Love" - Adam Sandler's dramatic debut that's been the subject of many mixed reviews. We loved it, but then, we're a little weird. Definitely not mainstream stuff for your typical Adam Sandler fan. But, if you loved "Magnolia," you'll really like this.

Finally, of course, another thing that's been taking up my time is writing. I'm still working on that NaNoWriMo story, although I haven't been updating my word count so much. Not much point to it since I'm not really shooting for 50,000 before next week. But it has been a good motivator in getting me to put down this particular story.

And now, back where we started, it's off to work.

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