Saturday, November 16, 2002

This morning I'm going to share items from my mailbox. These each came yesterday, and are examples of the kind of thing you get when you add a feedback form to your site. Here they are in all their un-edited, non-spellchecked glory.

First, a reaction to an article I wrote a while back called Spontaneous Human Combustion Explained!:
You had all them theories about what SHC could of been, such as aliens etc. Well what about time travel? I know this sounds stupid but think in 50-60 years time scientists or home workers could of produced time travel! If this was possible and some person or people went back to the time of a older ladys younger days and accidently killed her that would mean she would never of excisted! So wot could happen is the body of the older lady could just Implode and set a fire from inside causing everything to burn around her and the intense heat to melt plastic objects around! Well that is only my theory I know it sounds a bit stupid but we will never no. Like I said its just a theory!! Thank You for your time in reading this and i would be very thankful if you could reply to me about what you think about my theory!!

And now, an Elvis fan speaks out on a little tongue-in-cheek thing I did called The Elvis F.A.Q. :
In response to question 11 about his birth certificate, the reason that elvis only had one A in his middle name is because he had a twin brother, named Jesse Garon Presley, who was stillborne. Because of that, Elvis's middle name was ARON, in commemoration to his brother. Elvis later adopted his middle name as Aaron with two A's because he wanted to be more Biblical. Either that, or the reason that there are two A's on his gravestone is because he was really superstitious and... being still alive, wouldn't want his complete real name on his fake grave... bad charma, ya know

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