Wednesday, November 20, 2002

My friend, Nan, sent me the following link:

Nude Peace
click image for full size & article

West Marin (north of San Francisco) women strip for peace. It's actually a wonderful, attention grabbing way to bring attention to the peace movement, and I support them completely.

However... I do need to point out one little problem. According to the organizers, one of their goals was to "show solidarity with the people of Iraq." Maybe I've been getting the wrong image of people in Iraq, but it seems that they're a bit less comfortable with public nudity than we Californians are. Can you show solidarity with a people through an act that's likely to offend them?

Again, I'm all for peace, I'm all for free speech, I'm all for protest, and I'm all for nude women on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. But I still found this kind of funny.

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