Monday, April 21, 2003

I've just got to share this with somebody. On one of the writing & publishing lists I'm on a conversation started on Friday about businesses being open on religious (Christian) holidays. It didn't take long for the more conservative posters to come along and add something stupid about those ignorant liberals.

I replied to one such jerk off-list, because it's off-topic, first of all, and I didn't want to start a flame war, second. But I just had to share with somebody:

Dear B*** (name changed for protection),

You are most welcome to your narrow-minded, hateful, and paranoid vision of America, but I believe you do need to be called on at least this little clip from your posting:

--- In, "B***" wrote:
> ...
> It's not so much the separation of church and state that causes businesses
> to stay open on religious holidays. It's the influence of the political
> correctness movement, a vocal group of self righteous bigots whose objective
> it is to make the lives of knowledgeable people miserable.
> ...

You are correct that the separation of church and state has nothing to do with businesses being open on Easter; it has everything to do with government offices being open, however.

Businesses, particularly retail, long ago discovered the magic of being open when others are not. Quite long ago; in fact, well before the political correctness movement took hold. How young are you? The "PC" tag in not even 20 years old, yet businesses being open on holidays goes back at least twice that.

And then there's your description of the PC movement as "a vocal group of self righteous bigots whose objective it is to make the lives of knowledgeable people miserable."

Rather than respond at length to defend a group of loud mouths that I agree with about 70% of the time, and am annoyed by about 80% of the time, I'll just assume that this was your ill-timed attempt at humor, and that you don't really believe that they're all out to get you.

Should you have been serious with that quip, I'd first suggest that you consult a mental health professional about your paranoia, and second I'd ask you to consult your constitution about freedom of speech. Isn't it at least possible that these people are exercising their right to participate in our democracy, and not just trying to persecute you?

Have a nice day,

- Ken
(A liberal Jew from CA's SF Bay Area - I may not be everything you hate, but I'm close. And no, It's not my goal in life to make you miserable. It's just a hobby.)

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