Monday, April 14, 2003

We're officially moved in and living the new house. (There's still some small stuff for us to go through, clean up, and pack at the apartment, but it's no big deal). Saturday - our main moving day with the big truck and extra guys to move the furniture - was pouring rain, and a bit of stressful hell unloading the truck from our muddy driveway and one-lane road. But we survived. The Sunday was the big Home Depot run. As Leslie said, "It's like a giant candy store for homeowners."

Meanwhile, out there in the crazy, terrifying world, are we, or are we not, going to invade Syria next? Our president, George W. Bush, was asked that question and gave a very clear and concise answer:

"I think that we believe there are chemical weapons in Syria, for example. And we will -- each situation will require a different response and, of course, we're -- first things first. We're here in Iraq now. And the second thing about Syria is that we expect cooperation." (from Yahoo News)

I feel much more secure now, thank you.

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