Friday, June 09, 2006

It's A Long Way to November

The primaries here in California were just three days ago, but the gubernatorial race is on, and it's already nasty. I just saw Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger's first TV ad for re-election or, rather, his first ad warning us against electing Democratic challenger Phil Angelides.

The spot shows people walking backwards, cars moving backwards on the freeway, etc. The voice-over points out that it is ridiculous to move backwards, but that if we elect another Democratic Governor that's exactly what we'll be doing: going back to the days of taxes so high that businesses leave the state and we all starve to death. The choice, the commercial tells us, is to "continue moving forward with Governor Schwarzenegger."

As negative ads go, it wasn't the nastiest. But with five months before the election couldn't he have started with a commercial telling us what he's achieved since ousting the last Democratic Governor? Why start negative unless you've got nothing to brag about?

(As I was writing this, the ad played a second time. It's going to be a very long campaign.)

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