Thursday, June 15, 2006

Updates: Leadership, Wars, & Democracy

Egyptian explosives expert Abu Ayyub al-Masri has been named the new head of al-Qaida in Iraq, replacing Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who was killed by the U.S. military just about a week ago.

That's awfully quick to replace a top person. Hardly any time to even post the job on craigslist - although, I suppose the sudden vacancy did get a bit of news coverage. Still, you have to collect resumes, interview, check references...

I'm guessing that they must have had a succession plan already in place, just in case of al-Zarqawi's "early retirement." And that, actually, is a sign of a well-run organization. They may be ruthless killers without any regard for human life or ideologies other than their own, but they don't skip a beat when it comes to filling management positions and letting people know that there's continuity of leadership.

Meanwhile, as U.S. military deaths in Iraq pass the 2,500 mark, President Bush still "dismisses calls for a U.S. withdrawal ... and has consistently refused to give a timetable or benchmark for success that would allow troops to come home."

Bush, of course, doesn't want such a timetable or benchmark to play into the hands of the enemy. The enemy in this situation, in case you're wondering, are the Democrats running in Congressional districts where Republicans might be vulnerable this November.

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  1. President Bush will continue to "dismiss" the call by the liberal left and the Defeatest Jack Murtha until our mission in Iraq id finished. So those on the Left can continue to squawk at the wind and we will stay the course in Iraq.


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