Thursday, June 08, 2006

Serial Killer of the Month

Serialphiles - those who follow the lives and exploits of serial killers - can now order the all new, 2007 Serial Killer Calendar featuring full color artwork depicting such favorites as Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard "Nightstalker" Ramirez, John Wayne "Pogo the Clown" Gacy, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, and others. The artwork is by Nico Claux, himself a convicted serial killer who is known as "the vampire of Paris."

Many people might find the calendar offensive, but - as Reuters reports - many more are fascinated by these men and are willing to spend big bucks for a special piece of "murderabilia."

And who can blame them? As Edward Gein (inspiration for the movie Psycho and the calendar's Mr. August) said when asked why he robbed graves and transformed human remains into household objects, "Every man's got to have a hobby."
"A lot of people are titillated by serial killers," said Lana Wachniak, a sociology professor and associate dean of Kennesaw State University in Georgia. ... "Some people want insight into that kind of depravity. Others get a kind of vicarious thrill. And others see it almost as a kind of talisman, a way to keep violence away."
Many states have laws that prevent a convicted killer from making money off of their own criminal activities. In this case, however, the killer (Claux) is making money off of other serial killers exploits. Gotta admire that bit of legal ingenuity.

The calendar itself is actually very well designed, with the the paintings of the killers mixed in with their quotes (like the one above from Ed Gein). The initial success of the calendar will result in the release of several other products, including posters.

Also on the web site is a personality test to determine which of the featured killers you are most like. I hate to tell you, but I'm a Manson. At first I was insulted by that result, but, you know, he did have leadership abilities...

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