Tuesday, December 18, 2001

The bad news: Tom Green and Drew Barrymore have called it quits after only six months of their fairy-tale marriage. The good news: Drew is available again!

Here's a clip from a newsletter I get called TechSoup, which is about technology issues for nonprofits, but has some articles of interest to a wider audience. I think this is an interesting warning. I also highly recommend reading the article the reference in the link:

> First there was Goner, now we have Gokar. I'm sure there will be a
> new computer virus to worry about tomorrow. But all these viruses
> and worms have something in common- they attack and spread through
> standard email software and operating systems.
> It's interesting to look at viruses in the light of TechSoup's
> recent discussions and articles on alternative software. Has our
> widespread dependance on certain products made us vulnerable to
> attack? Does the convenience of standardization come at the expense
> of security? If the software we used was diversified, would it be
> more difficult for a virus to propagate?
> An interesting article on this subject was published last year on
> CNET. I invite you to have a look:
> http://www.cnet.com/insider/0-121949-7-1896731.html
> -Sheetal Singh
> Content Manager, TechSoup.org

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