Friday, December 14, 2001

Yesterday, the staff at my office decreased by one as the layoffs started. I've been expecting something like this for a couple of weeks, and just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Surprisingly, it was not the person I expected to be laid off. It was somebody who'd been there for many years - the second longest tenure in that office. The person that I expected to be first on the list? It's looking like that will still happen sometime next week.

How does that make me feel as the new guy? A bit uneasy, sure. But these types of cut-backs are based on which positions are optional, not which people are not performing, or by strict seniority. So, I should feel lucky, and in some sense I do, that I'm in a protected position. But I feel a little guilty anyway.

As bad as I had it being unemployed and/or under-employed for most of 2001, the people being laid off now are going to have an even tougher 2002.

Here's a little statistic for you: Since September 11, over 100,000 Californians have lost their jobs. And the final, year-end numbers aren't even in yet. Yeah. A bit uneasy.

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