Sunday, January 06, 2002

Bush: Tax Increases 'Over My Dead Body' - You know, I mean the president no ill will, but this is a little ridiculous. On the one hand, I'm pleased that he didn't ask us to read his lips, but on the other hand, his disconnection with the real American economy is frightening and his taking advantage of the war on terrorism to extort political advantage is nauseating.

First of all, nobody's called for a tax increase [yet]. This is a preemptory move against the Senate Democrats, led by Tom Daschle, who have so far refused to pass Dubya's "stimulus" package of tax giveaways.

A quick reminder - This is the tax rebate package that would give $1.4 billion to IBM, $833 million to General Motors, $671 million to General Electric, and $572 million to Chevron Texaco - essentially every penny these companies (and others) have paid in federal taxes over the last fifteen years.

How much of a tax rebate did you get in 2001? $300? Maybe $600? I don't think it was anywhere near every penny you paid in federal taxes over the last fifteen years. Was it?

Equating the refusal to give away the Federal treasury in a time of crisis with raising taxes is disingenuous at best and, in my opinion, downright deceitful at the core. This is partisan politics pure and simple. But to avoid that charge, Dubya also through in a plea to return to the bi-partisan spirit that had followed September 11.

If you agree that bankrupting the country for corporate rebates is a foolhardy way to jump-start the economy, why don't you write to your Senators and tell them to stand behind Tom Daschle and put together a real stimulus package.

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