Wednesday, January 30, 2002

My end of the day rituals usually revolve around a small glass of Port, or sometimes a nice Zinfandel or Cabernet. Sure, I enjoy it. But, really, it's for my health. Red wine is good for the circulation, you know. And, it's essential for relaxation.

The perfect snack to go with that Port (or other rich red wine) is a small bit of cheese (a hard sharp cheddar, Mmmmm!) or a tiny bite of chocolate. I don't overdo the sweets - It takes me a month for me to go through one large chocolate bar - but a little bit goes a long way.

It's good to have these little traditions, mostly because it gets me to spend the last hour before bed focussing on relaxation. It's a time to be done with my work, done with hobbies, done with Leslie's work (I help with the homework grading), and do nothing but learn to do nothing.

And then in the morning, I try to write to jump-start my brain...

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