Thursday, January 17, 2002

This has been a very busy week, work-wise, and not much time to post, but I wanted to you in on a couple of things...

Tuesday night my brother, Miles, and I went to see Scott Adams speaking in Palo Alto about his new book, "God's Debris." It's quite different than his other work - Dilbert is NOT a character, there are no cartoons, only words - but the intelligence and wit was ever-present.

"God's Debris" is billed as a "thought experiment" rather than a novel, or a philosophy book, and takes the form of a dialogue between a UPS driver and an old man who may (or may not) know everything about God, the Universe, etc. The challenge to the reader is to figure out how much of what the old man says is scientific fact, and how much is just creative BS.

It's also good for testing your faith, as you debate along with the characters in the book. At the beginning of the talk Adams said that by the end of the evening some of the religious folks would become atheists, but that some of the atheists would discover God. He wasn't trying to convert anybody, he was just trying to maintain the balance. The introduction to the book suggests reading it, then discussing it with some intelligent friends over a refreshing beverage.

The other thing to catch up on here was my second acupuncture appointment on Monday night. This time I laid on my back and he did the needles in my forehead, top of my head, neck, ears, hand, and feet. It wasn't quite as relaxing as when he did the back last week, but it did make me feel surprisingly good. On Friday, we do the back again.

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