Monday, January 28, 2002

It's a chilly morning here outside of San Jose and, according to the weather report, it's snowing in the mountains between here and Santa Cruz. Of course, this doesn't compare with places that have real weather, but it's news around here.

You see, Californians have difficulty driving when it just rains. Throw snow at them and they completely flip out. This flurry, which will probably only result in about 1/4 inch of it sticking in patches to the ground, will tie up traffic for hours several miles in each direction of every snow flake.

Idiots in pick-up trucks will gather the kids and go up to see it. They'll attempt to shovel it into the beds of their trucks (try shoveling 1/4 inch of snow without also getting considerable mud) and bring it back down to their homes in the valley. Then they'll act surprised when there's nothing back there but slush and muck when they go to unload it.

But still, each winter we walk around asking each other, "Do you think it's snow here this year? - Do you remember that year it snowed all the way down to Stevens Creek Boulevard? - It almost stuck, too." And we'll watch the skies, and listen to the weather report, just hoping for a hint of white.

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