Thursday, June 06, 2002

Amazing! I can see! I finally got my new glasses yesterday, after a nearly 2-1/2 month wait. (I had my eye exam, and ordered these, on March 29).

The first pair took forever because half-way through the making of them, the lab broke them and had to start again from scratch.

When I finally got them, it seemed to take forever to get used to them. I wore them for a week before concluding that it wasn't me, it was the glasses. They'd made them wrong, with the bifocal too high. Essentially, when I was driving, I was looking out through my reading lens. Not too safe. So I brought them back at the end of the week to have them re-order them.

During the re-making of the glasses, of course, they broke again, and so the second pair took just as long as the original. Maybe longer.

But now, I'm wearing them, and they work, and they're comfortable. Now, we'll see if I can drive safely with 'em on...

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