Tuesday, June 11, 2002

VH1's been airing the "Party at the Palace," the Queen's Jubilee Concert, and I just saw it last night. The show took place on the grounds of Buckingham Palace last week, in honor of Queen Elizabeth II's 50th year on the throne.

An interesting assortment of artists and, overall, a good show. Best performance: Joe Cocker. He may have gained more weight than a lot of the others, but his voice is the same as ever - Something that, unfortunately, can not be said of Sir Paul McCartney (who's getting married today).

My second favorite performance was Lola by Ray Davies. He's so often overlooked when it comes to organizing these events (or, at least, making the final cut on the TV version) that it would have been a thrill to see him even if he wasn't excellent. Ray had the best line of the night, introducing the song with, "I'd like to thank the owners of the property for letting us play in their back yard." The Queen and Prince Charles each did laugh.

Phil Collins was excellent as drummer for nearly every act, from Rod Stewart to Queen. Phil did not, however, get to do one of his songs! Did it just not make it to air, or did he not perform solo that night at all? Speaking of Rod, his voice seemed to be nearing full recovery.

Other highlights: Sir Paul with Eric Clapton doing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," with an introduction from George Martin. The song started a little sloppy (Sir Paul hit a couple of sour notes on the piano), but quickly came together as a classic performance.

Who's crazier? Ozzy Osbourne or Brian Wilson? Side by side it was easy to see that they each manifest their insanity in different ways. Ozzy can't stop moving while Brian is somewhat of a zombie, but each should be locked up tightly immediately after the show. Not to say that I didn't love each of their performances, or that they're not each the best at what they do. I'm just pointing out the obvious fact that they are each very much insane.

VH1 will be playing the show about 1,000 more times this week - Check for showtimes. And God save the Queen!

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