Saturday, June 29, 2002

First of all, the show will go on!

Yesterday afternoon Pete Townshend announced that the Who tour will commence on Monday, with only the two shows over the weekend being cancelled. This, of course, follows news of bassist John Entwistle's death on Thursday of an apparent heart attack.

"We are going on. First show Hollywood Bowl. Pray for us John, wherever you are," was the message posted to Pete's site about mid-day. In a later posting at The Who's site, it said, "Bass player Pino Palladino has been drafted in for the shows. The Las Vegas and Irvine shows will be rescheduled for new dates."

Wednesday's show here, in Mountain View, should be an interesting experience. I'm looking forward to it, but now with a bit of nervous awe as to how they're going to pull it off.

And now, the final word on the subject for today, from Roger Daltrey, "I just hope that God has got his earplugs ready. Whatever happens he’ll have to reinvent thunder as it simply won’t be loud enough any more!"


Now, on to other pressing questions... Do fish fart? - Why do we have fingerprints? - Why does drinking alcohol cause dehydration?

Answers to these and more: The Last Word

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