Sunday, June 02, 2002

Bush Declares, War Is Peace!

In his commencement address to the graduating class at West Point, yesterday, President Bush told those present, and all Americans, to be prepared for a pre-emptive attack against terror.

His speech, which was littered with references to "defending peace," "preserving peace," and "extending peace," explained that the only way to do so is for us to go on the offensive and bomb the Hell out of more countries (presumably Iraq).

A week after reassuring European leaders that he had "no war plans on my desk," Bush told the graduating cadets that, "In the world we have entered the only path to safety is the path of action and this nation will act."

Americans must be "ready for preemptive action when necessary to defend our liberty and to defend our lives," he said.

Bush also preemptively brushed aside potential critics who might accuse him of acting unilaterally, saying, "Some may worry that it is somehow undiplomatic or impolite to speak the language of right and wrong. I disagree."

I'd love to speak the language of right and wrong to the President, it is not in the least bit undiplomatic. What is undiplomatic, and ultimately wrong, is for the U.S. to go on the offensive, attacking Baghdad, or wherever else, unprovoked.

It will lose us allies in Europe and beyond and it will give would-be terrorists more "justification" to after us (no, I don't believe that terrorism is ever justified, but they do). This will leave us in an even more dangerous situation than we already find ourselves in.

Expanding the war is not the path to furthering the peace. Bush's semi-eloquent double-speak aside, this plan is a blueprint for disaster.

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