Monday, June 16, 2003

Movie recommendation: A Mighty Wind. The latest from Chris Guest and his usual gang of co-conspirators. As the reviews say, what they did for heavy metal with Spinal Tap, they do for folk music in A Mighty Wind. Don't fear; you do not have to be a folk music fan to get the jokes or appreciate the film. I was laughing so hard in the theatre that Leslie had to shush me. The funniest movie I've seen in a very long time.

Meanwhile, have you ever had a song stuck in your head for days on end? Sometimes it can be nice, when it's a song you like. But you've got to really, really like it to not be sick of it by the end of the third day. So, when it's something annoying to begin with, it can be particularly maddening.

This morning, as with each of the last two mornings, I have awoken with the following commercial jingle echoing in my head:
It's the steak
Lots of steak
Lots of thick and juicy steak
At Appleby's
Put the steak
On my plate
Lots of tender juicy steak
It's the Steak Stampede...
What I really want to know is, who's the idiot that came up with the idea to name this promotion the "Steak Stampede?" Is it supposed to be the customers stampeding to get at the cheap steak? Or are they deliberately calling to mind the fact that these thick and juicy steaks were charging bulls last week? Are we supposed to imagine that this is the revenge of the steak's, stampeding on us, the consumer? Is the ad writer a member of PETA?

We did not go to Appleby's this weekend, but we did eat lots of thick and juicy steak. Let the week begin...

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