Tuesday, September 09, 2003

And another one bites the dust... - Peter Ueberroth, "moderate" Republican has dropped out of Califiornia's gubernatorial recall election, leaving only 133 other chocies - Will democracy survive?

Petey dropped out because of poor showing in polls of "likely voters" - Only problem is, nobody knows for certain who the "likely voters" will be. This election is unlike any other, and the polsters don't have any insight or information that the rest of don't have. My expectation (my hope) is that there will be many new, formerly disaffected, voters who show up on October 7 who have never voted before (or not for many years). Bye-bye Uebey. So what.

A couple of plugs here: Right now I'm enjoying Warren Zevon's latest (and final) CD, "The Wind.' from the opening line ("Some days I feel like my shadow's casting me") you know that you're in for a great treat. His second best album of all time, this is the crowning achievement in a great career, and a fitting farewell to a man who's already beat the doctor's by a few months (Zevon has an untreatable cancer, and the doctors said he'd never finish, let alone see the release of, this CD).

What I'm reading: "Lies, and the lying liars who tell them" by Al Franken. A little too partisan for me to love 100%, but all true, all funny, and all brilliantly on target. Required reading for anybody who's still paying attention.

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