Thursday, September 18, 2003

Who is Ken Goldstein? We all occasionally come to places in our lives where we ask ourselves these question of who we are, are we on the right track, etc., etc. The other day I figured, what better way to find out who I am, than to do a little Google search? Here's what I learned about myself:

- I'm executive vice president and managing director of Disney Online

- I'm also a professor of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

- I'm a copywriter and technical writer living in Jersey City

- I'm in charge of Cleanrooms and Ultra High Purity Systems for Microelectronics Applications at Intota in Arizona

- I'm on the board of directors of Northern Great Plains, Inc., and the Chief Strategy Officer for CanWest Global in Winnipeg (only natural, since I'm one of Canada’s leading authorities on media economics and media trends, and on the impact of new technology on the media)

- I'm a real estate broker in San Marcos, CA

- and I founded Computer-Aided Technologies International, Inc. (CATII), in Hawaii, with my lovely wife, Linda .

- I've got a few other jobs as well (president of a Jewish Study Center, an economist with the Conference Board, etc.), and before I died I was a noted folklorist/enthomusicologist, but I don't have links to these identities.

Of course, none of these are really me (although some of them are pretty cool). Who I actually am is . . . Oops, 7:30; time to get going to work. . . I'll have to finish this later. . .

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