Sunday, September 07, 2003

I got my sample ballot in the mail yesterday (for Santa Clara County - other counties will have different ballot types). The candidates for governor take up seven pages, with a note at the top of each page saying, "REMINDER: VOTE FOR ONLY ONE CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR," and a note at the bottom saying, "CANDIDATE LISTINGS CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE." The ballot initiatives, however, only take half a page. Other than that it's so spread out, it's fairly straight forward. If the poll workers are trained well in some basic questions ("Choose only one candidate from the seven page." "Yes, you may still choose a candidate, even if you vote 'No' on the recall") hopefully there won't be too may problems.

I've been updating my sites, and I now have web links for 84 candidates. Here, for your voting research, are your [web-enabled] choices:
  1. Iris Adam
  2. Brooke Adams
  3. Douglas Anderson
  4. Mohammad Arif
  5. Badi Badiozamani
  6. John Beard
  7. Ed Beyer
  8. Cheryl Bly-Chester
  9. Audie Bock
  10. Art Brown
  11. John Christopher Burton
  12. Cruz Bustamante
  13. Peter Miguel Camejo
  14. Bob Cullenbine
  15. Gray Davis
  16. Scott Davis
  17. Bob Lynn Edwards, Jr.
  18. Dr. Warren Farrell
  19. Dan Feinstein
  20. Larry Flynt
  21. Lorraine ("Abner Zurd") Fontanes
  22. Gene Forte
  23. Diana Foss
  24. Ronald J. Friedman, MD
  25. Gerold Lee Gorman
  26. Rich Gosse
  27. Jack Loyd Grisham
  28. Garrett Gruener
  29. Ivan Hall
  30. Ken Hamidi
  31. John "Jack" Hickey
  32. Arianna Huffington
  33. Trek Thunder Kelley
  34. Edward "Ed" Kennedy
  35. Eric Korevaar
  36. Jerry Kunzman
  37. Dick Lane
  38. Calvin Louie
  39. Dr. Frank Macaluso
  40. Robert C. Mannheim
  41. Paul Mariano
  42. Mike McCarthy
  43. Bob McClain
  44. Tom McClintock
  45. Dennis McMahon
  46. Jonathan Miller
  47. Darryl L. Mobley
  48. Paul Nave
  49. Robert C. Newman II
  50. Leonard Padilla
  51. Ronald Jason Palmieri
  52. Heather Peters
  53. Charles "Chuck" Pineda, Jr.
  54. Darin Price
  55. Bryan Quinn
  56. Jeff Rainforth
  57. Danny C. Ramirez
  58. Christopher Ranken
  59. Kevin Richter
  60. Ned Roscoe
  61. Georgy Russell
  62. David Sams
  63. Darrin Scheidle
  64. Mike Schmmier
  65. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  66. Richard J Simmons
  67. Randall D. Sprague
  68. Christopher Sproul
  69. Tim Sylvester
  70. A. Lavar Taylor
  71. Diane Beall Templin
  72. Brian Tracy
  73. William Tsangares
  74. Peter Ueberroth
  75. Marc Valdez
  76. Paul W. Vann
  77. Chuck Walker
  78. Nathan Whitecloud Walton
  79. Daniel Watts
  80. C.T. Weber
  81. Jim Weir
  82. Lingel H. Winters
  83. Michael J. Wozniak
  84. Jon W. Zellhoefer

If you know of any other official candidate sites, please let me know using the feedback link near the top-left of this page. I'm continuing to keep the list up-to-date (along with some other items) at my new California Demockracy page.

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