Tuesday, September 23, 2003

"These investments of time, money, and the exercise of citizenship rights cannot be returned."

The recall election is back on, and wisely so. I've thought much about the challenges during the week it was in question and I've come to believe that the postponing of a scheduled election is a far different question than demanding a recount in a disputed election. This isn't Florida. We should be aware of the potential problems in those counties which will use punch cards on October 7, and be prepared to do hand counts if the margin of victory is smaller than the potential error rate (3%), but the election should go on.

For once people are excited about an election. The last minute rush to register before the deadline (yesterday) showed that. I think we'll see a higher-than-usual turnout at the polls on October 7. To have put off the election would have destroyed this wonderful rebirth of democracy in this state and returned the populace to frustration, apathy, and inaction. I'm shocked that the ACLU doesn't seem to care about that. No more appeals! Let's go on with the election!

(BTW: I've not been posting lately because my DSL service from home is not working. I'm at work right now taking a short break - don't tell my boss.)

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