Thursday, May 13, 2004

Improvements at

I've been having a little fun exploring the updated site and some of the improvements to the system.

One new feature (or at least, one I've never noticed before) is user profile pages. Taking a look at my profile we can see that I've been blogging since April 2001, averaging three posts per week. I've written 138,079 words over 572 posts with 776 outbound links. Of course, that will all change once I post this.

From my profile page, you can also click on any of my interests, or favorite books, etc., and find other bloggers who share those passions. Like-minded people can now more easily find each other, but is that an improvement? Does that make the world smaller by bringing us all closer together? Or does that just help to isolate us in our own small portion of the big, scary world?

Of course, my small portion is really damn small. A few of my favorite books and movies pull up a list of just me. Turns out, I am unique after all.

(Small twist: while the site has been improved, I'll be less likely to visit it, as I'm now able to more easily post directly through email. It's ironic. You know; like rain on your wedding day?)

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