Sunday, May 16, 2004

Well, the book signing was pretty much of a bust; with three authors there we sold only a couple of books each. But, for those of you in the East Bay, I did leave six copies of Aaron's Intifada on consignment. The store is "A World of Books" at 137 Pelton Center Way in San Leandro. The rest of you can always order online, you know.

It was an interesting afternoon anyway, with some amusing characters stopping by to chat, and getting to know the author who organized the event, Jack Schroder, a bit better... maybe too much better...

Jack on the molestation of children by Catholic priests: "A survey shows that only 4% of priests are pedophiles. That's far lower than in the general population, so what's the big problem?" Questioned about how prevalent he thinks pedophilia is in society, Jack says, "about 80%," and points to a teenager in the immediate vicinity: "Take that girl there. You know she's being f***ed by an uncle or a brother..."

Later, pointing to another teenage girl who happens to be dressed provocatively: "Look at that. But if I tweaked her bottom, you know she'd be calling the cops in a second."

Jack, after selling one of his "children's books" to a very nice woman: "I just hope she doesn't flip out if her daughter starts asking questions about the prostitute." A prostitute in a "children's" book? "It's alright; she gets what she deserves in the end for her immorality."

Jack on immoral characters in general, in response to a question about one of his books that takes place in an AIDS hospice: "Four of the five men die for their immoral acts, but I let the one with a pure heart live."

Jack on his wife: "She thinks I'm a sociopath." Me to Jack: "She might be right."

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