Sunday, May 30, 2004

Word is that John Kerry has called in Big Bill Clinton to hit the campaign trail for the last few months of the contest. Many in the Kerry camp were against the idea. Not for the same reasons Al Gore separated himself from Clinton (Monica, Whitewater) but for the same reason that others in the Kerry camp want Clinton: He has a personality.

Which brings us to something I've been feeling for months now, and have just got to say. The presidential campaign that John Kerry most seems to be most emulating is that of Bob Dole in 1996.

So, will the addition of Big Bill prop the candidate up, or overshadow him completely?

The danger, they say, is in appealing only to the yellow-dog Democrats who will vote for Kerry whether or not he has a pulse, and turning off the swing voters. The thing to remember, in that case, is that it's the swing voters who helped Clinton defeat Bush Sr. and the afore-mentioned Senator Dole.

Will Willie's magic work again? I think it might. It sure as Hell can't hurt at this point.

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