Monday, May 24, 2004

Well, I just had an interesting long weekend. Here's just the quick recap for the record, before I forget:

Thursday night I woke up at about 11:55 PM with severe abdominal pain. By 12:15 my vomiting had woken Leslie up, and she had the presence of mind to call the late night advice nurse from our doctor's office.

The advice she had was to take me to the emergency room immediately. Between 1:00 and 4:00 AM I had lots probes and tests, culminating with an ultrasound that identified several large gall stones, including one in the neck of the gall bladder, blocking the bile duct. Ouch.

Calls were made to find a surgeon associated with my medical group, and Friday morning at 10:00 AM, they removed my gall bladder. Which, they kept reminding me, is the third most popular surgery in America today. After awakening Friday afternoon, I wrote the following song:

They'll stone you when you're at the kitchen table
They'll stone you for having bacon with your bagel
They'll stone you for eating fatty foods
They'll stone you and you'll think that it is rude
But I would not feel so all alone
Everybody gets gall stones...

Okay, it still needs a little work. But I was highly sedated at the time.

The sent me home Saturday evening, reluctantly. My enzyme levels are apparently still way off, so I'll be going back for more testing and an ERCP procedure over the next few days to a week or so.

Meanwhile, I lounge around the house like a geriatric rap star: I'm wearing sweats, but with the pants halfway down my butt, because I can't pull them up to the incision in my belly button.

Why I don't have my regular computer with my address book is another story - Let's just say my iBook went into the emergency room a couple of hours before I did.

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