Monday, June 07, 2004

As the "nation's week of mourning" begins for Ron Reagan, it's a tough time for those of us who opposed Reagan the President, but want to be respectful of Reagan the man. Here's an excellent editorial from the liberal Madison Wisconsin Capital Times that accomplishes the task of opposition with respect.

Reviewing the mythic nature of the Reagan tributes, the editors say, "The problem with all this hero worship is that the spin underestimates and demeans Reagan. It reduces a complex and controversial man to a blurry icon with few of the rough edges that made him one of the most remarkable political figures of his time."

It continues, "This newspaper disagreed with most of what Reagan did ... Yet, we have always maintained a grudging respect for the man. And we continue to recognize that there is much that liberals can - and should - learn from him."

After a discussion of Reagan's rise and record, the editors conclude that, "The lesson to be learned from Reagan is not an ideological one... Rather, the lesson to be learned from Reagan is a stylistic one. He loved preaching his conservative doctrines... This willingness to fight for his faith is what made Reagan remarkable. It is what inspired conservatives. And it is what liberals would be wise to learn."

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