Friday, June 11, 2004

Today is the end of the school year in the district where my wife, Leslie, teaches. Which means, of course, that next week begins the real test of whether or not my having a home office is really a good idea.

It's been one thing to work here when I've had the house to myself five days a week. It will [potentially] be quite another with a vacationing teacher hanging around all the time. This will be a test of my patience and commitment. Who knows; Maybe by the end of the summer I'll be applying for a traditional job outside the home again.

In other news, music legend Ray Charles died yesterday at 73. One of the great masters of American music, he crossed over genres, blending soul, country, jazz, and pop into a unique sound that brought people together across boundaries of race, geography, and generation.

According to the obituaries, Charles died of liver disease, which hits close to home considering my recent bouts with abdominal problems. My liver enzymes are still elevated, but from last week's procedure we've now ruled out most of the more serious causes. I get a couple of weeks off now, then another blood test July 1.

Notice how whatever the topic is, I somehow manage to make it about me? My wife's vacation begins; how will it affect my work? Ray Charles dies; but what about my health? But enough about me. What do YOU think of me?

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