Thursday, June 03, 2004

Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet has turned in his resignation (effective next month). "I will miss him," says the Prez. The resignation is being sold as "for personal reasons" but I'm sure it's just that he drew the short straw when the administration went looking for a scapegoat for the lack of WMDs in Iraq. Or was it the poor information about WMDs? Whatever; heads must roll.

Meanwhile, in the scandal over the leaking of a CIA operative's identity in possible retaliation for her husband's telling the truth about Iraq, Bush is now "ready to cooperate" with the Grand Jury. But that announcement came only after W retained private council. Sure, he wants to "get to the bottom of this" - but he'll clear any statements through his lawyer to make sure he doesn't incriminate himself.

Here's your homework assignment: Think about the relationship between these two little news stories.

Health update... Tuesday I went in for the ERCP (fancy, modified endoscopy). If you recall, they were going in expecting to find a stray gall stone or two left over from my gall bladder removal nearly two weeks ago.

No stone was found in this little exploration, which leaves us still wondering why my liver enzymes and direct bilirubin levels are still elevated along with symptoms of abdominal discomfort, fatigue, etc. So, while they were in there, they took some liver tissue samples which are now being biopsied.

Possibilities? Gilbert's (pronounced "Gil-Behrz") Disease, PBC (Primary Biliary Cirrhosis), or ... ??? More answers when I get the biopsy results next Tuesday. We hope.

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