Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Bush has lost the election! One term only for G.W. Bush! Sixty percent of Americans are unhappy about the direction the country is going. More and more Americans are seeing Iraq as a mess we should never have entered, and are embarrassed for their country over the torture scandals.

Okay. So, Bush has already lost it. But who will win?

It's now up to John Kerry to finally explain why anybody should show up to the polls in November and vote for him. If he fails to do that, if Kerry cannot energize the electorate with a reason to vote, he could lose too.

Kerry cannot stand by and expect to win solely on our dissatisfaction with Bush. If that's his strategy, we'll have the lowest voter turn-out in any presidential election yet. And lower turn-out will probably favor the incumbent. Bush has already lost, but he could still win by default and inertia.

New development: Steven Tyler of Aerosmith has pledged to play at the Kerry inaugural, "John and I are good friends," he explained to the Boston Herald, "I told him if he's elected president, on your inaugural, we'll play."

Whether you feel that's a reason to vote for Kerry or against him is up to you. I think it can only help at this point.

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