Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blog Syndication Stuff

There are a couple of new additions to "Random Thoughts, Notes, & Incidents" that I would like to point out this morning.

The first is a blogroll, courtesy of that you will find in the right-hand column of this page (below the Google ads). These are some of the blogs that I look at regularly, and have saved into a reading list at bloglines. As I update the list there, the links here should update as well.

The other is the FeedBurner syndication link. With that one link you can add this blog to whatever newsreader or blog-compiler you may use (including MyYahoo!, Google, Bloglines, NewsWire, etc.).

All this , , and stuff is new to me. I used to bookmark the blogs I like, then have to click to each one each day to see if there was anything new. Now, I go to the one bloglines bookmark and see the latest entries from each site. Through the magic of RSS, you can now read my blog that way as well.

You may have also noticed that I've been playing a little with Technorati tags too. I'm not quite sure yet what benefit, if any, I'm getting from using the tags, but I'm learning some new things and having fun.

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