Sunday, April 30, 2006

No SPAM From Me!

Over the last week or so it has become clear that somebody has hijacked one of my domain names ( to send out a ton of SPAM. I've only become aware of it because some of the emails sent have bounced back to me.

The addresses are not from "me" (ie: "ken@..."), they are from random names and the email addresses are gibberish (ie: "aqrmt@..."). I have notified my domain name registrar ( to see what can be done about this spoofing of my domain name.

In the meantime, I apologize to anybody who has received these SPAM messages. I hate SPAM. I hate getting it, and I certainly didn't send it. And I especially hate somebody giving the impression that I would have anything to do with this.

Thank you for your patience while I get this straightened out. As my old friend and co-worker, Fernando B., used to say, "I was framed!"

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