Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fun With Colon Cancer

No need to get into the gory details here, but my has not always been the healthiest. So, when I saw the headline You too can prevent colon cancer in the Willow Glen Times, next to a picture of a doctor crawling through a giant colon, it attracted my interest.

In reading the article I learned that it wasn't just any giant colon, it was the Colossal Colon TM, and it's coming to town! Coco, as it is affectionately known, is a 40-foot long, 4-foot tall model of a human colon.

It will be on display for the whole family to crawl through and examine the various ailments that afflict it. Imagine the fun conversations you'll have: "Hey! That polyp looks just like the one they scraped out of me! I get sentimental over my first biopsy." "Look, there's Nana's Crohn's disease." "I don't even want to say who that hemorrhoid reminds me of!" "Ulcerative colitis anybody?"

The Colossal Colon TM has a web site called The Colon Club. Be sure to check out the pictures page and take a look at Polyp Man & Eneman.

I used to think that dressing up as a giant hot dog and passing out coupons in front of Der Wienerschnitzel was the worst job in America. It's now been topped by the guy who gets to dress up as a giant Fleet enema and pass out healthy colon literature.

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