Saturday, April 29, 2006

What Have You Done Today to Save the Internet?

Seriously, what have you done? That's okay, I haven't done much either. Except that, once again, we can't assume that this little free speech thing we've got going here is going to go on forever.

Check out for more information, but there's some pending legislation in Congress that would give the large media companies the ability to censor what you get to see online.

This is not a party-line vote, either. Groups on the left and the right are joined together in fighting this attack on the first amendment. From the site:
Gun Owners of America's Craig Fields puts it best, "In a very, very strange situation, what we have is the necessity of government intervention to ensure a free marketplace of ideas. Whenever you see people from the far left and the far right joining together about something that Congress is getting ready to do, it's been my experience that what Congress is getting ready to do is basically un-American."
Okay, not a source I normally go to for my political opinions, but the man is right on this one.

Check the link, read up on the issue, and do what you can to preserve "Network Neutrality." Or would you rather be reading only what AT&T wants you to read?

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